Drive. Ride. Fly.

Turn your smartphone into an awesome, motion sensing gamepad for your PC!

SteerEST™ works by emulating an Xbox 360 gamepad on your computer, and using your mobile device as the gamepad!

Flight and racing simulators have never felt this good!

  • Motion Sensor Input - full axis control means you can steer and maneuver just like the real thing!
  • Xbox 360 Gamepad Emulation ensures out-of-the-box compatibility with most games!
  • Simultaneous Keyboard Input - press keys directly from your pad, and even play games without gamepad support at all!
  • Multiple Controllers - play with friends, or add complementary controls to multiple devices to take your rig to the next level!
  • Custom Layouts - each customized to your favorite game and your own personal playing style!
  • Super Quick Editor always a single tap away - fine-tune your pad to perfection while you play!
  • Blazing Fast - optimally coded in C++ for outstanding performance and butter-smooth gameplay!

As passionate gamers and simulator enthusiasts ourselves, we are committed to making SteerEST™ the best possible controller out there. So you can be sure that what you get is what we also want: The ultimate gaming experience!

Download the Driver

This is the bit of software that sits on your desktop PC.
The SteerEST app can't work without this, so grab it and install it on your PC!

64-bit OS • 200 MB Free Disk Space

You will also need to make sure your PC has access to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone!

Get the App

If you haven't already, download the app on your phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will need your desktop PC's IPv4 address so that the app can talk to it.

    There are a few ways you can find out what your IPv4 address is:

    • Check the status bar at the bottom of the Driver app window after you run it on your desktop PC.
    • Right-click on the network icon on the Windows System Tray, click on Open Network & Internet Settings, and then click the Properties button under your connection. Scroll down a bit and look for IPv4 Address.
    • If you fancy using the console, open a Command Prompt and type in ipconfig /all followed by the enter key. Look for the entry titled IPv4 Address.

    In most cases, your computer's IPv4 address will look like:

  • The SteerEST app on your mobile device tries continuously in the background to establish a connection to the Driver app running on your PC. While a connection is getting established, the connection indicator at the top right in the mobile app is red with a flashing network icon on it. When the connection is successful, the app's indicator as well as the Driver's System Tray icon turn green.

    If the connection indicator stays red for more than 20 seconds or so, there is something preventing the app from connecting to your desktop PC. Here are a few things to check in order to resolve this:

    • Make sure you have installed the Driver app from the Download section, and that it is running on your PC. You should be able to see the SteerEST logo on the Taskbar Notification Area.
    • Make sure both your mobile device and desktop PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You may need to turn of mobile data on your phone.
    • Disable any VPNs running on your mobile device, PC or Wi-Fi router.
    • When you first run the Driver app, the Windows Firewall will ask you whether you want to let it through. Answer yes. The port used by SteerEST is 23428/TCP.
    • On iOS devices, the first time you run the app you will be asked whether you want to allow it to access the network. Answer yes.
    • To rule out any other issues with the network itself, try installing a ping app on your mobile device and make sure it can ping your desktop PC using the same IPv4 address you use in the app. You should be getting a ping response time of a few milliseconds.
  • The single most important factor in the quality of the connection, and therefore your gaming experience, is your Wi-Fi network!

    There's no over-stressing the importance of a good, solid, fast WiFi connection for SteerEST to work well. Sketchy, weak WiFi signals just won't cut it. The bits have to be able to fly home, fast!

    If you find that your connection is not good enough, here are some things to try:

    • Make sure that your network is free from heavy traffic (such as video streaming on any connected devices, big downloads in the background etc).
    • Move your Wi-Fi router to a place that is close to your mobile device and desktop PC.
    • Invest in a high spec Wi-Fi router. The difference in performance between entry-level and high-end routers can be dramatic.
    • If your mobile device supports it, you can also try to tether your PC to it, preferably over a USB cable.
  • The best possible gaming experience requires smooth, precise motion input.

    In order to achieve this, SteerEST relies on the pretty advanced sensor fusion capabilities offered by modern mobile devices. In particular, it relies on a combination of 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers.

    Unfortunately, if your mobile device does not support the full gamut of sensors listed above, SteerEST motion sensor input will be disabled.

    If however your device does have full motion sensor support and you are still having issues, check the following:

    • Make sure that you have assigned some axis targets in the app's Sensors screen.
    • Limit motion range to ±45 degrees.
    • Avoid using the app when there are metal/magnetic objects near your device.
  • Here are a few things to check:

    • Ensure the SteerEST app on your mobile device is connected to the Driver app on your computer. The connection indicator in the mobile app as well as the Driver icon on your computer should both be green.
    • Open the Driver app window, locate your controller in the list, and check its gamepad icon (at the right hand side). It should be enabled.
    • To rule out any issues with the game itself, and to ensure that the OS recognises the controller, open the Windows Start Menu and type/run Set up USB game controllers. You should see your controller listed there as XBOX 360 for Windows, with its status shown as OK.
  • Yes! Open the Driver app window, locate your controller in the list, and click on its gamepad icon (at the right hand side).

    This will disable the joystick input for this particular controller, and will cause your OS to drop the joystick driver instance for it.

    Any keyboard targets on the controller will continue to work!

  • The connection between your mobile device and your computer is not encrypted!

    The reason for this is that SteerEST has been designed under the following premises:

    • It is intended to be used with your home's gaming rig on a local Wi-Fi network (as opposed to out in the wild).
    • Performance is paramount, and latency should be minimal.

    It is therefore important to make sure that you only use SteerEST in a trusted network, such as your home's Wi-Fi.

    That being said, neither the SteerEST app on your mobile device nor the Driver app on your PC have any access to your private data. The only information streamed between them is game controller input data!

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